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Eco Friendly, Cost Effective, 100% Recycable, 100% Customisable, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically Tested,

Unique and only 9 grams net weight.

See how it works

The innovative “pushnapkins” is a tablet- shaped product having a diameter of 3.8 cm. The gross weight is 10 g.

The pad is made of cellulose, which is 100% naturally produced. The cellulose cloth is dry in a separate chamber unroll it passes through a pressure with the liquid compound and unfolds itself.

Push Napkins

We do not use aluminium in our packaging, so “pushnapkins” is 100% recycable. A “pushnapkins” contains approximately 5 ml of cleaning fluid while hand washing consumes an average of 1.5 – 2 l of water. It is free of preservatives.


Compressed refreshing tissues

Compressed cellulose cloth, enriched with pleasant 100% natural fragrances. Just press the capsule & wait!

Light and handy capsule

Economical and convenient unique packaging, so it fits in the ladies’ purse or a pocket… and more!

Skin-safe, dermatologically tested

Eco friendly, hypoallergenic, hygienic, no alcohol, no colour additives, no chemicals. Complies with applicable regulations.

Multi-purpose tissue

A must-have during traveling, in the car, in the restaurant, at a party.

Stylish gadget, surprising with its originality

Ideal for everyone who cares not only about quality and functionality but also about original design.

Original advertising

A precious tool that will positively surprise your customers and make them feel special. The “wow” effect is guaranteed!

Push and Wait

The compressed wipe is enclosed in a compact plastic capsule of 3.8 cm in diameter! Simply push and wait.

Compressed wipe gets humidified

When pressed, the fragranced liquid included in the capsule is released and soaked

The wipe absorbs the liquid

The tissue grows back to its original size of 18×22 cm.

Ready to use!

You will be surprised by the pleasant smell and the feeling of freshness!


Hotel & Restaurant & Catering

Pushclean completes your visual presentations and reflects your vision.

Leather & Dashboard Care

Practical solution for cleaning your leather items and car interior in daily life.

Cosmetic & Beauty

Practical solutions for your skin & body care.

Pet Care

Ideal practical solutions for the daily care of your pets.

Smart Object

They can be used for cleaning and care of mobile phones, laptops, TVs and more.

Child Care

Ideal solutions for the daily care of your child.


A precious tool that will positively surprise your customers and make them feel special. The “wow” effect is guaranteed!

Customize with your logo & branding

A precious tool that will positively surprise your customers and make them feel special. The “wow” effect is guaranteed!

Save your money

One of the best low-cost and effective ways of showing your customers that you care. You don’t need a big-business-budget to make your customers feel special!

Invest in relationships of your clients

Gift giving is an expression of appreciation and gratitude for our clients, making them willing to return. In fact, people who are given a gift feel the need to do something in return.

Make your brand stand out

By opting for an original and functional advertising gadget, you surprise your customers positively and provide them with positive emotions. Thanks to such experience you will be remembered for long!

Increase your brand's awareness

Original gadgets attract the attention of customers, so companies that distribute their own gadgets quickly gain recognition and attract people who would not get their offer in any other way.

We work worldwide

Would you like to order Push Napkins? We can send our products to different corners of the world.

Refreshment & Face – Hand Cleansing / Disinfection

Refreshment & Facial – Hand cleansing in different fragrances available: Green tea, Zirtonengras (On request, other fragrances are bequired).

Make-up remover & more

Make-up remover with micellar water removes all the eye makeup with no problem. We can also offer a nail polish remover.

Sun protection & Insect protection

For the perfect care when traveling, sun protection & insect protection.

Available now!